Unit 9 Lớp 9: Write Unit 9: Natural Disasters

By the over of the lesson, students will be able to lớn write a short story by using the simple past tense

II. Language Focus

1. Vocabulary : behave sầu (v) .

2. Grammar : Use simple past tense

3. Skills : Listening- Speaking- Reading- Writing

II. Techniques : pairworks, groupworks, individually

III. Teaching aids: pictures, posters, cards


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Period 62week 31 Date : March 12th Theme : THE WORLD AROUND US Topic: Natural disastersUNIT 9 : NATURAL DISASTERSWRITEI.ObjectivesBy the end of the lesson, students will be able lớn write a short story by using the simple past tenseII. Language Focus Vocabulary : behave (v).Grammar : Use simple past tenseSkills : Listening- Speaking- Reading- WritingII. Techniques : pairworks, groupworks, individuallyIII. Teaching aids: pictures, posters, cardsIV. procedureStages / timeTeacher’s activitiesSts’activities Warm up :5’Pre-writing:10’While- writing:22’ Post- writing :7’Homework :1’Questions và Answers+Have sầu you ever written a story?+ what is it about?+ How long did it take you khổng lồ write it?+ Did you write it in Vietnamese or English?-Elicits to the new lessonUNIT 9: NATURAL DISASTERSWRITE pre-teach vocabularycircle(n) ( drawing)behave(v) hành động ( action)shelter (n) (example) : chỗ trú ẩnscared (adj) hại ( action)kiểm tra techniques : sentence modeling-Tells sts to make sentences with all the newwords that they have learntpicture explanations-Asks sts to work in pairs to lớn ask & asnwer about the pictures from one to lớn six-Gives sample questions on the board*picture 1:+ what vị you see in the first picture ?+ who is she? What is she doing ?+what’s the weather like?2/ + what’s wrong with the dog?+ Is he behaving strangely?+ what vì chưng you think is going lớn happen?3/+ who is in the picture with Lan?+ what does she say?4/+ what is happening?+ where are Lan’s family members?5/+ Is the wind strong?+ what’s the weather like?6/+ what do you see in the picture ?+what are Lan và Her parents doing now?+ Does the weather become good again?-Tells sts to lớn write the story. Note that students can make changes và add more details to lớn story to make it more interesting-Asks them khổng lồ compare with their friends-Calls some sts to lớn write the story on the boardsuggested writing :It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the sky was xanh and the weather was perfect.Lan was outside playing with her dog, Skippy. All of a sudden, the dog began behaving stangely. She kept running aroung in circles. Lan ran trang chủ with the dog lớn tell her mother what skippy was doing. Lan’s mother , Mrs Quyen told Lan that she heard on TV that there was a typhoon coming. Mrs Quyen gathered her famoly and told them khổng lồ find shelter in the house.Suddenly, the sky became very dark. The storm came with strong winds and heavy rain. Mrs quyen và her family were scared but soon the storm finished và everyone was glad. What a clever dog Skippy !. she saved Lan from being caught in the typoon.-Corrects mistakes-Calls some sts to read aloud the story before classGives assignments & comments+ Learn the newwords+ Rewrite the other story about yourself+ prepare the part “ LANGUAGE FOCUS” on page 81, 82-Listen -Answer ( whole class)-Listen-Give meaning-Repeat C. IOne by one sts khổng lồ say sentence-Look at the pictures-Ask & answer( pair by pair)-Write the story ( groupworks)-Compare with their friends-Write it on the board( one by one)-Correct -Read ( one by one)-Take note