Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War': “Unique” Vietnam War Mission Unveiled

Could we be going baông xã in time for the next Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty? Here"s what we know about the story in Hotline of Duty Vietnam.

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We"re a long way from the launch of COD 20đôi mươi, but that hasn"t stopped information being revealed about a potential Blachồng Ops reboot.

Treyarch"s new Vietphái mạnh based title, now likely to lớn be called gọi of Duty Vietnam, is still on course to release this fall.

The game is still mix khổng lồ be based within the Blaông chồng Ops universe & while many were expecting a reboot or the fifth game in the franchise (Blaông chồng Ops 5) it seems that is becoming less & less likely.

Here"s what we know about COD Vietphái mạnh.

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Lathử nghiệm News

COD 20trăng tròn Announcement Imminent? - 14th May

A number of Treyarch staff members have sầu blacked out their Twitter headers & deleted a number of tweets recently including David Vonderhaar, Brian Tuey, Dan Bunting, Ben Brinkman và Dan Olson.

This is very reminiscent of past Blaông chồng Ops game reveals & could signal something is coming soon.


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COD Vietphái mạnh Might Be COD 2020 According To Jason Schreier - 22nd April

Jason Schreier also believes that the next điện thoại tư vấn of Duty is connected khổng lồ the Blachồng Ops universe but is called COD: Vietnam.


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COD 20đôi mươi NOT A Blachồng Ops Game? - 21st April

According khổng lồ notorious Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty leaker, TheGamingRevolution, COD 20trăng tròn is NOT a Blaông xã Ops game but is connected to lớn the Black Ops universe.

Treyarch Banner Found In Modern Warfare Teasing COD 2020? - 30th March

An unreleased banner has been found in the Modern Warfare game files & it"s theorised this could be a teaser for the next game.

It"s been known that in past COD games to lớn tease the next iteration within the game itself.

In BO2 we had the Ghosts hình ảnh on a Riot Shield & a Snapchat QR code. Blaông chồng Ops 3 also teased Infinite Warfare.

The calling thẻ is animated & it"s unknown what it could mean or how you unloông chồng it at this time.

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Leaker LongSensationYT has hinted that a reveal will arrive in May.

This was backed up by notorious leaker TheGamingRevolution who claimed that the reveal will come in a month & a half.

One of his sources all sent hyên ổn the lyrics to the tuy vậy "Russians" by Sting, which he believes could be the song used in one of the reveal trailers.

Gọi of Duty usually follows a three-year development cycle between Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games & Treyarch Studquả táo.

Despite it being Sledgehammer"s turn khổng lồ get down và dirty, Treyarch will be taking the reigns on the COD 20trăng tròn project.

This is alleged lớn be due to massive overhaul và shift in the development team from Sledgehammer to lớn Treyarch.

This leak revealed that Treyarch 2021 game is being brought forward due khổng lồ the trouble that Sledgehammer faced và they will only be providing a support role on this year"s Call of Duty.

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Release Date & Platforms


As it stands, there is no official release date for COD 2020 - but it has been confirmed lớn arrive in its usual fall slot.

However, Gọi of Duty launches lvà in a consistent time frame year-on-year. In the past two years, the game launched in October, but before this, they arrived in the first week of November.

You can expect Black Ops 2020 lớn fall within the October time unless extra development time is needed lớn add polish to the game và allow time for a beta.

We can assume that the game will release initially for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC with the Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5 arriving later on.

Nintenvì systems haven"t seen a gọi of Duty game since call of Duty: Ghosts on the Wii U & its unlikely we will see one any time soon.

It wouldn"t be a surprise lớn hear that Treyarch has been developing their hotline of Duty for the PS5 & Xbox Series X; creating a ported version for Xbox One and the PS4 later.

Alternatively, with development time being cut the game could be delayed to lớn debut on next-gene platforms.

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