Google Forms is great, but the mặc định color scheme is very...purple. That probably doesn't match your br&. (My apologies if it does. Purple is a very nice color.) So here's how khổng lồ add a custom header image khổng lồ any form—using your logo or anything else—& also get a matching color scheme. 

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How lớn add a header image to your Google Form

You can add a header image to Google Forms by clicking the paint palette in the top-right corner. 



From here, you can choose one of the many included images, upload an image from your computer, or grab images from your Google Photos tài khoản. 


Make sure you find something horizontal—wider than it is tall—because you'll be asked to lớn crop it down to lớn a 4:1 aspect ratio (more on what that means later). 

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For this example, the essential context of Winston's red leash over the green green grass is completely gone. 


Even here, I need khổng lồ crop things out, which speaks to how odd this aspect ratio is. You'll probably need to try out a few images before you find one that works. 

If all you want is a photo lớn, great—that's all you need lớn know. But if you want your branding, you're going lớn need to vì some image editing. 

How lớn make the perfect branded image for your Google Form

If you want to lớn include your company's branding on your Google Form, just uploading an image of your logo probably won't fit. 

Like I said: Google Forms forces an aspect ratio of 4:1. This means the image you use needs lớn be four times wider than it is tall. You'll have sầu khổng lồ make a custom image that includes your hình ảnh sản phẩm, with that aspect ratio, in order for it khổng lồ show up properly. 

Don't worry—you'll just need an image editor. Here's a các mục of the best free image tools for purposes like this. 

Make a new image that's 1600 (wide) by 400 (tall), then add your biệu tượng công ty to lớn it. You could even add a background, if you want lớn get fancy, but honestly your biệu tượng công ty on white or blaông chồng will look great. 

Google Forms will even automatically adjust the color scheme to complement your logo sản phẩm, meaning it should roughly match your branding right away.

Want to lớn adjust things? Cliông xã the paint palette button again khổng lồ customize both the theme color and the background color lớn your liking.

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